Baize Development Corporation

Baize Development Corporation has been a leader in providing financing, development and construction management services for over half a century.  With a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary approach to all levels of project delivery, Baize Development and its affiliates have completed hundreds of projects worldwide ranging from under $1 million to over $300 million.  Our experience and legacy include a portfolio of successful projects that have become iconic landmarks.

Baize Development Corporation
Partial Listing of Projects

Baize Corporate Headquarters
3905 Vincennes Road
Indianapolis, Indiana

Baize Corporate Headquarters is a 100,000 square foot office project in the renowned Fortune Park Business Center in Indianapolis.  Baize Development financed, constructed and leased the new Class-A office project.  It was developed to also be the international headquarters of the Baize Corporation, the parent holding company for the interdisciplinary conglomerate of architectural, engineering and development companies, of which Brookhurst Development Corporation is an affiliate.  The 5-story, multi-tenant project was also designed by Baize Architectural and Engineering Corporation.

Project Scope:                  100,000 S.F., Class A Office
Developer:                        Baize Development Corporation
Financing:                        Nomura Securities
Architect:                         Baize Engineering and Architecture
Completion:                     1989

Baize Corporate Headquarters
  Baize Development Corporation 

City Market Building
200 N. Delaware Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana

The 312,500 square foot City Market Building Developed by Baize Development has become a focal point for vibrant retail and office activity in downtown Indianapolis.  Located in the city’s financial district directly across the street from the Indianapolis municipal complex, this 20-story office tower offers 30,000 square feet of amenity retail and an attached 600-space parking facility.

Project Scope:                 312,500 S.F., Office/Retail
Project Cost:                    $30 million
Developer:                      Baize Development Corporation
Financing:                       Federal HUD Program
Contractor:                      Hagerman Construction
Completion:                    1978

City Market Complex
Baize Development Corporation

World Trade Center/Wells Fargo Place
30 East 7th Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Originally built as the Minnesota World Trade Center and now known as Wells Fargo Place, this 635,000 square foot, 37-story Class A office building is the tallest building in Saint Paul and serves as the heart of the city’s financial district.  The building, which is a concrete and steel structure with exterior granite and glass covering, features a three-story atrium and 156 underground parking spaces.  The original owner, Oxford Properties, retained Baize Corp to provide both project management and engineering services.

Project Scope:                    635,000 S.F., Office/Retail
Project Cost:                       $110 million
Owner/Developer:             Oxford Properties
Project Management:        Baize Corp/Baize Engineering
Contractor:                        PCL Construction
Architect:                           WZMH Architects
Completion:                       1987

World Trade Center/Wells Fargo Place
St. Paul, Minnesota

Fox Knoll Retirement Community
Aurora, Illinois

When Jim Baize drove past an abandoned historic hospital in Aurora, Illinois, he knew the building could be put to a far better use while providing the community a desperately needed service.  Baize Development oversaw all facets of this adaptive use redevelopment, including creatively financing the project using low-cost tax-exempt bonds, which resulted in lower occupancy cost for the elderly residents who live there.  This 355,000 square foot housing complex has become an important project for the community in meeting its needs towards sheltering its elderly, and includes both individual and assisted living services.  Fox Knolls Retirement Community is situated on the scenic Fox River, and features both one and two bedroom apartments and two large dining rooms.  The project was funded and owned by Baize Holding Corp, with Mercy Housing taking over operations.

Project:                         355,000 Square Foot Elderly Housing Complex
Owner:                          Baize Holding Corp and Mercy Housing
Developer:                    Baize Development Corp
Construction:                Baize Construction Management
Project Cost:                 $48 million
Completion:                  1994

Fox Knoll Retirement Community
Aurora, Illinois